Biosential is a dynamic, research-based product development company focused on creating treatments for common Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders with proven results.

For over 20 years, Biosential has forged a new space in the industry by developing novel products like Zenbev, laying the foundation for varied levels of science-based solutions that maximize efficacy and minimize side-effects.

By implementing various product ideas starting with simple, but rigorously tested products that are quick to market in combination with more complex projects that are longer in the pipeline, Biosential has built a solid foundation for a fresh, contemporary biotechnology company.


Where it Began Biosential was founded in 1999 by Craig Hudson and Susan Hudson.  Their aim was to develop a research organization that combined scientific rigour with out-of-the-box thinking to ...


Goals Given the high cost and time required to complete conventional drug development, entrance into the pharmaceutical market is challenging.  Blockbuster drugs can take many years of painstaking research and ...

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